Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hello fellow bloggers, or passers by.. I have finally returned, I won't get ahead of myself though, since clearly i'm not reliable in the slightest when it comes to posting on my blog.. but since it's summertime again I guess I have the spare time to get creative! Here's today's little outfit, felt the need to post it. This outfit was a bargain! (of course) JUMPER - £3.00 - minus the lace collar which I stitched on - it's detachable from the shirt it originally came with! which I got for £6 from the vintage section in a charity shop. The skirt I've had for ages .. I pinched it from my younger sister (yes it's a proper school skirt haha). Oh and the shoes - £12 from Matalan. I do enjoy Matalan, they have some great buys!
Anyway, hopefully you'll be hearing more shite from me via the blog! 
Thanks for tuning in : )