Saturday, 14 July 2012

Evening. Here is a little outfit snapped the other day. I love this gold and black beaded jacket, 
reminds me of Morocco. Not sure why! But with a kind of majestic feel brought to it through the gold! 
It cost £3. Charity shop.. do i even need to say? haha. The deep red is pretty much my favourite 
colour at the minute! I've always thought of lipstick as a brilliant accessory, rather than 
hair accessories or jewelry, sometimes it's just too much! As for the dress. Think it was about 
£20, from Topshop! It's simple and a nice base for many outfits. Especially since I looove this red.


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  2. Nice post danielle.
    Im from brazil and just can say hi.
    I follow you on twitter.
    @jrossato if you want who.

    Thanks, cheers and respect.

    PS. If you can follow or say me hi on twitter.

  3. Jeez Danielle! Your designs never fail to amaze me. Please design something for men so a fashion conscious man like myself can represent!