Saturday, 8 September 2012

First Outfit Creation

This is my first design. It's inspired by the 60's, and I feel all it's missing is some of them 
Beatles style circular glasses in a tasty orange! I bought the material from Abakhan, 
in Preston. All together the material for this, zips, etc (with extra material left) cost as little as £7. 
It was surprisingly easy once I got the hang of it, I used high-waisted Topshop shorts as 
a base for a pattern. It involved a lot of guess work!
(it's a little crazy but I like it..) haha   
A close up of the stitching inside the garment.


  1. Looks amazing. Love the clashing prints, it's like all the Prada stuff around at the moment.


  2. Aw thanks I just had a look on their website haha. I Love Prada! xx

  3. great outfit, the pattern kind of reminds me of Bridget Riley paintings

  4. Interesting touch! I really like it.

    Waiting to see more creations =)