Monday, 20 October 2014

Anthony Vaccarello S/S 2015

Here's some images from behind the scenes of the Anthony Vaccarello S/S 2015 show at Paris Fashion Week. The show was set under a bridge, the clothes were very urban, and bold. The graffiti in the background worked well to translate the urbanised, street style theme of the collection. The collection was made up of blacks and whites, it was very clean and polished. 

Here are some behind the scenes images of the models in hair and make-up during rehearsal. The make-up was also very clean, and not too heavy. 

Rochas S/S 2015

This is a collection of images from the Rochas S/S catwalk 2015. I spent time in France during Paris Fashion Week. I absolutely love Paris and was so excited to be working behind the scenes, as this was my very first Fashion Week. I met models Daphne Groeneveld and Lindsey Wixson, both beautiful and unique looking girls. The clothes were beautifully designed, and it was great to see them close up, especially as a designer. I'm really into net fabric lately, so to see them use it was inspiring for my own designs. 


This is a tartan coat I made, I saw lots of tartan popping up for winter 2014, on catwalks, on the high street.. So I decided to make my own tartan coat. I figured why buy an overpriced coat which anyone can buy when I can just make my own! And have fun doing it! I used two different tartans, one for the torso, and one for the sleeves. I love mixing and matching.  

Guy Larouche S/S 2015

In september I attended the Guy Larouche show which was located inside the Grand Palais. I worked behind the scenes, seeing the rehearsal and the show itself. The clothes were perfectly finished, it was one of my favourite shows. The designs were simple but extremely chic and elegant, it had the quality and style you would expect to see at Paris Fashion Week.

The Rehearsal 

Here is the designer Marcel Marongiu with his opening models. 

Me watching the final runway ..

White Leather

At the end of August I began making a white leather coat, I wanted to use the leather to make interesting shapes, experimentation lead me to creating leather flowers and snowflakes. I thought it was cute and whilst the flowers could imply summer, I think the snowflakes gave it an icy, wintery feel.

Collar Details. 

Sleeve Details. 

Monday, 23 September 2013


Here's a recent outfit (a bit warm for the LA weather) but who cares.. I got the skirt from a vintage shop in Hollywood Vine called 'Iguana Clothing'. It's a huge shop stacked full of vintage clothing. My kind of place! Most of what they have is reasonably priced as well. I also got a vintage military hat for 10 dollars which I love..