Wednesday, 29 June 2011

I'm completed addicted to charity shops, pretty much EVERYTHING I own is charity bought. Through all the crap you can find some gems .. and you can buy so much more for the amount of one High Street top! I also find with High Street clothes that you are quite restricted, a lot of shops use similar materials and cuts. I guess i just like the idea of having one off clothing!
Here's an outfit I put together, I love transparent clothing at the minute.
I put this together with some things I found in various charity shops (again). The shirt 
from The hospice in Preston and the skirt I found when in Louth. The black transparent 
shirt works so well with the leather skirt which is cut brilliantly at the bottom. It's an edgy 
style, and it reminds me very much of Chanel Autumn/Winter 12. The style is black on black. 


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