Monday, 20 June 2011

I've never really been too into Gucci, but i love next season's
 catwalk. The colours are brilliant! really intense.. and the combination of silk and fur is desirable! 

the orange and purple 
are so nice together. The contrast of the model's skin 
with the dark lipstick is very 20's

A few more editorial images which were shot 
at the Palazzo Alberini in Rome. I like that the images
aren't totally clear though, think it gives it something more.. 

The image below is charming, 
The make-up is eccentric and plays along 
with the beads she wears in her hair and around her neck. 

The colours here are fantastic. It's a style that can molded for different seasons! 


I'm totally in love with these glasses, 
i need to get a pair :)!


  1. Hi im just a fan of yours saying hi. Is this the first post of your blog?
    Or is there something wrong with my phone?
    Anyways, im a big fan of keeley hazell, who was a english glamour model too, now moved onto film business, i was sad about her retirement but it turns out to be a great chance to find a model like you.
    Im still keeleys fan, i even bought her short film, and sometimes wandering around her blog.

  2. ... and it cheers me up to do something big, because pretty girls like you and keeley normally just use their beauties to make fortune, not dreaming about bigger things.
    But keeley is different. She is definitely something and i can feel it from her blog (you should check her blog too. Its called keeleys corner you can google it easily. She got great interest interest in fashion like you and some photos represent it.)
    I found this blog of yours and said to myself, wow. Keeley was not the only one. Heres another talented one.
    I hope you dont leave model thing forever like keeley did. Anyways shes an actress so we can expect to see her on screen occassionally but not so many fashion designers are open to public so i hope you to stay in model business as long as you could. Its mot just me. Every fan of yours would agree with me.

  3. Sorry for gibber gabbering.
    Im not a native english speaker. Practicing my words out with internet is very helpful to improve my terrible
    english skills. If you felt anything nonsense its just my lack of skills not my attitude.

    I hope you someday get your own brand ot somrthing like that. Im sure you can make it work when i see your posts. Good luck.