Wednesday, 6 July 2011

After spending 4 days in Chantemerle, part of the Alpes. I had to share it on my blog. The surroundings were too beautiful. I felt so inspired. Here is an image I took when we made our way down the mountain after taking the cable car towards the top. 
This is bag I found during the medieval festival in Briancon. It's a vintage bag from Morroco. I was so excited when I saw the stall, there were so many beautiful bags, after a quick search I fell completely in love with it! I love patterns at the minute. This outfit just needs a couple of chop sticks and 'wala' .
The house which we stayed in was Sylvain's (my boyfriend's) great grandmothers house. Now it's used as a holiday home for him and his relatives. As you can see it's VERY old, but I love anything old so it suited me to a T.
These are the shoes I currently live in, just because they're casual and I can wear them with anything. I got them from a charity shop in Preston for £3. Pretty good I reckon!
This is an outfit I bought from a charity shop in Louth. It's from the sixties. It's great because the jacket is detachable, so it can be worn as a top with high waisted shorts or a skirt. I love it! It will be perfect for this winter.
Merci Beaucoup.


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