Saturday, 8 December 2012

 FUCHSIA PINK this outfit was based on the pink of the shirt. I got the shirt in a charity shop some time a go, and I have always struggled matching it up, but yesterday I found these little pink shoes for £3.50, I love this pink, it's cute, and it's bright, and it's tasty.. just need some matching socks.. 


  1. I love your mess productive <3 /smoke

  2. Hey Danielle, I wanted to speak with you regarding a new line of mens and womens clothing I am working on. Think Unique, Chic, Bespoke, Retro, Vintage... I am currently speaking with designers and came across your blog. The reason I wanted to speak with you is that I like your ideas, you are creative and imaginative and do not seem afraid to think outside of the box and create something unique. I have worked at bread and butter fashion week in Barcelona and have met a lot of people who work in the industry but you come across as someone who is very down to earth, grounded, who loves fashion and is full of ideas, all of which is refreshing. I would be happy to send you some more info if you are interested, you can email me at and I can go into specifics there. In the meantime keep finding those quirky garments and accesories as its a good look on you.